Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Invest in your children...

Well it's been FOREVER since I've posted. Yikes! We are mid-way through summer now and I have no idea where the month of June went. I will have to say, it was a pretty good month tho! 

The thought I have for today's blog is about taking time out for yourself -- either alone, or more importantly with your husband. There is no quicker way to get burnt out and not do a great job at something, when you put all you have into your kids, your home, etc. and don't take a little bit of time here and there for you and your husband. 

I was very fortunate this year to earn an all-inclusive trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for both myself and my husband for FREE. Yes, thanks to the wonderful business I sell products for -- Scentsy. They offer incentive trips for all consultants every year and I was blessed to earn it for both of us! Anyway, I cannot tell you enough how great this trip was for my marriage. We are in the middle of ALOT of stress (I don't think I can emphasize that enough) with trying to finish the construction on our new home, sell our current home, plus take care of two crazy boys and live life in between. The week we spent in the DR was so relaxing but even more amazing just to spend the time with just my husband. I felt like we were on our honeymoon! 

On our honeymoon in Costa Rica -- August 2005

Dominican Republic -- June 2012

But, my point is -- take time to be with your husband! It doesn't have to be a week long trip and it doesn't even have to be to anywhere exotic. Just a date night to get you started...or a one night stay in a cabin somewhere...or even go camping together (that's free!). But honestly -- didn't you get married to be with your husband?? I know I did! I couldn't WAIT to get our life together started. But yes, then LIFE happens...and all of the sudden you are so busy you realized you've gone a whole day without even kissing him....that was the first thing I thought about when we were dating!! haha. I know I have to check myself sometimes. It's SO hard, especially with younger children that really do need you all the time, to not forget that our husbands need us too. Sometimes it means sacrificing a few minutes here and there to leave them a note, or fix a special breakfast, or whatever it might be. But, I can guarantee you, it will be worth it! Not only for your marriage, but for your kids. Just think of time spent with your husband and doing things for him as an investment in your children. There's nothing better than for kids to grow up in a home with a Godly marriage as a model for them. Yes, they will see you make mistakes, nobody is perfect, but they will always know that you put your marriage first and made it a secure, happy home for them. 

My parents did (and still do) a great job of this. I always knew that they were a team and that they loved each other, which made growing up in my house a great thing. And I'm very thankful now, too, that I'm married, they don't mind to watch my children so that my husband and I can hang out together. They realize the importance of it and it's awesome to have that kind of support. 

So, think about this with your own kids. Invest in your marriage and by doing so, you will invest in your children. 

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