Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Birthday burnout

Well, I can't believe it, but my youngest just turned 2 yesterday. Since the moment he came into the world, it seems like Dylan has been on fast speed....beginning with how fast he came! (contractions at 2am, born at 5:29 a.m....yeah, it was fast.)
And, boy, was he in party mode when we had his party Sunday. He hardly sat still to do anything, but he was having a BLAST. And, I'm so glad!!! I wanted it to be a fun day for HIM.

(S'mores face!)

Since having kids, I've quickly learned how much pressure can be put on a mom to have the biggest and best parties for their kids. Complete with all the matching decor, perfectly themed food, a schedule of activities for the kids, etc. It's exhausting! You see pictures on Facebook or "pins" on Pinterest of all these wonderful ideas your friends did and wonder to yourself....1) when do they have time to do that?!? 2) why are they so crafty and I can't draw a stick man? or 3) I could never afford to do all that for my kids....I guess they will always be disappointed. 
Well, if that's where you set the mark of what you want out of a party, then yeah, your child AND you will always be disappointed. Obviously there is nothing wrong with having everything perfectly themed and great...but I just know for me, that stuff doesn't come as naturally to me as it does for some people and I'm tired of putting pressure on myself all because of what my friends and family will think. After all, it's for our kids anyway, right?!? If they had fun, then the party was a success! 

For Dylan's party it was all about cows...I ordered him a shirt, some cow balloons, some cute plates, spray painted white tablecloths with black spots, and tried to buy Cowtails at SAM's, but they were sold out (??). I put out a pool full of bubbles and the kids went to town in it! That's it :) Well, the food, but we have to have food! :)

(Dylan with his big cow balloon)

All this to say...I did what I felt comfortable doing for his party without feeling stressed and overwhelmed. It's no fun when mom and dad can't enjoy the party because they are too stressed! Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Make sure that the kids realize that the party itself is a gift from you, as well. There are still plenty of children for whom a party is not the norm. My husband still has a hard time getting used to all the fuss we (I) put into parties and gifts, because that's not how he grew up. And that's ok. He's no worse off for it...;) 

Happy birthday little D! :) 

Also, I wanted to post this link to our pastor's sermon from Mother's Day. It wasn't your "typical" Proverbs 31 sermon...it was titled "The Imperfect Mom". When you have about 30 minutes, give it a listen. :) Very encouraging. http://www.johnstonchapel.org/sermons/library/05-13-12.mp3

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