Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The beginning...

Well, I've decided to start a blog. I know, I know...if my mom and husband read this they are probably already cringing :). Like I need something else to do! But, I've decided to get back into writing. Now, don't expect any amazing grammatical phrases or words; this is just a blog! I do, however, need this I think mainly to encourage myself! 
This blog is going to be about life as a mom...whether you are a stay-at-home all the time mom, a working mom, or somewhere in the middle (I've been all!), then my goal is that if you choose to read this, you will come away with at least one encouraging thought that will encourage you in your life as a mom and wife. At times, I'm going to be very open and honest about life in the Jones household, but how else are you going to relate?...cause don't go acting like things in YOUR house are perfect! haha! 

Now I certainly do not have any credentials when it comes to being a mom, and therefore will be using thoughts that have encouraged ME in this journey. It's been 3 1/2 years that I've been doing this and never before in my life have I been stretched and pushed so much. Yes, physically, I've gone through much worse (Coach O'Neal's workouts, college basketball pre-season workouts, having babies (!!), etc.), but that's not the kind of stretching and pushing I'm talking about. Being a mom requires things from a woman that is like no other job. The mental and spiritual toll it brings is exhausting! And it's not something you can just leave at the office :). 

So my hope is to write a thought at least a couple times a week (probably more at first and then it'll drop off...haha!). But, I need to do this for myself and hope that you as a reader will be encouraged from it, as well. 

My thought for the day: Yesterday was a rough day in my household. From the minute they were eating their cereal, my kids were just bent on making MESSES. I walked into the room to find Lucky Charms all over the living room floor and couch (yes, my kids eat their breakfast watching TV, don't judge). I won't bore you with all the various ways they chose to irritate me, but they did and my reaction wasn't pretty. At the end of the day, I was so flustered and FURIOUS with myself that I just brokedown. No, it's not always like that around here, so I got to thinking what had changed yesterday to make it such a hard day....and you know what? It was ME! Not my kids. I mean, yeah, they made the messes, didn't listen, got put in timeout 20,000 times, but that stuff isn't usually much different from day to day...the difference yesterday was me and the way I reacted. Stress from other issues spilled over and got the best of me and ruined the day for all 3 of us. My husband is probably very thankful he didn't get home until late!! So, I encourage you to watch your reactions and attitudes carefully because it can affect way more than just yourself. Our kids see that and feed off of it...and also might start to think that yelling and flying off the handle is how they should react to things too! 

Ok, well all my blogs won't be this long, but thanks for reading. 

In the beginning....there was a girl who was scared to death about the responsibility of being a wife (first!) and then a mom. Now there are two little ones who rely on her for everything they need and think the world of her. Little do they know that she is still that scared girl, just hoping she brings them up to honor the Lord and doing the best she can, though her failures seem to outweigh her positive contributions. Thankfully for her, they don't see that, and at the end of the day (no matter how bad the day was!),  they wrap their arms around her and tell her they love her. 


  1. Jamie, I think writing a blog is a great idea! It will help you and those who read it as well. I'm looking forward to keeping up with it and getting to know you and your cute little boys a little better. I've bookmarked it so I don't forget.

  2. Let me assure you that I am not cringing. :) I understand how important it is to write, even if no one ever sees it. It keeps me sane (or at least less insane!). Thanks for your honesty, because your struggles are where we all (if we're honest) live as moms. Your boys are blessed to have such a great mom. :) Love you.