Friday, October 19, 2012

Our influence

Well, it's been a while............between being pregnant and building/moving/selling houses, I've barely been keeping it above water. 
Lately though, I've been challenged alot with my parenting skills (or lack thereof!) and have heard things that have been inspirational to me. So, I thought I'd share! Friday's are always self-proclaimed "casual days (aka pajama days)" in our house, so I get a little more down time :) 

I'm in a class on Wednesday nights at my church called "Awana at Home" and it's to help parents with kids in Awana know how exactly to make our home a spiritual place and how much of our responsibility it is to teach our kids the Bible and how to know the Lord...not just rely on our churches. It's been eye-opening to REALLY think on how much responsibility we have been given! 
We, as parents, have the God-given influence to tear down or build up our kids. Wow. Just to think that my words could have such a big influence in the whole life of my little one is very humbling. The example was given of a little girl being in school one day...a boy comes up to her and says "You are so ugly. Nobody will ever love you." Of course she cries, runs to her friends, etc. Then, however, she comes home from school and when she walks in the door her DAD says, "You are so ugly. Nobody will ever love you." WHOA. Can you imagine the devastation...and do you see the difference?? Parents have such an influence on our kids and how their lives are shaped. 

Then yesterday morning at my local MOPS (Mothers Of PreSchoolers) meeting, our speaker, Dan Thyng, challenged us with having an eternal perspective on life and how much that can change our outlook at the trials we face. Our ultimate goal, as Christian parents, should be to bring our children up in the Lord and hopefully witness their realization of the need as Christ as their Savior. Don't lose sight of that goal. The daily grind seems so often to get in the way of what our true goal and perspective should be. 

My challenge to you (and myself!).....
When a problem with our kids comes up (whether it's disciplinary, not sleeping, sickness, etc.), we are quick to jump on the internet or consult friends to ask for help - to better ourselves on how to handle the situation. Think of this in terms of the spiritual condition of our kids...and do the same thing! Read books, take a class if it's offered by your church, talk to other moms you look up to in this regard, pray....whatever you can to help yourself make your home a spiritual place of discipleship for your kids. 'Cause in the end...isn't that what's it's all about?!? 

I'm so grateful for this reminder in my life and as I continue in the daily grind, I pray that God equips me to make my home a spiritual help to my boys. 

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  1. Good insight Jamie and very helpful advice for other parents.